Creating solutions for space, creates solutions on Earth.
Many of NASA’s solutions for space exploration have been adapted for use on Earth. These adapted technologies are known as NASA spinoffs. To date there have been over 1,800 NASA spinoffs. The Apollo program led to many spinoffs, including CAT scans, better water purification technology, a life raft that can withstand choppy conditions at sea, and athletics shoes that were adapted from moon boot technology. Memory foam was even originally developed by NASA to improve the safety of aircraft cushions. Recently a new technology startup Scanadu developed the first real life Star Trek tricorder, which uses the same technology as the Mars Curiosity rover.
NASA has continued to better lives on Earth by developing innovative technologies for the space shuttle and Viking spacecraft that were adapted to create more functional artificial limbs for amputees and insulin pumps for diabetics. NASA also developed fire resistant polymer fabric, which protects firefighters and military personnel. One of the latest NASA spinoffs, the FINDER radar, helps emergency responders rescue victims of disasters. NASA technology has protected us and we should protect its budget.

NASA is valuable both for space exploration and for bettering life on Earth. The government shutdown is halting innovation. Write to Congress to tell them you want the government shutdown to end and for NASA to continue innovation for space and Earth.